Health Education England -
Escalating Concerns & Speaking Up


Health Education England asked us to create a rich and innovative course as part of their Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) programme to immerse their learners in the first, unaccompanied shift of Dr Lucy Jones as she returns to work after a significant absence.


Wincanton - 3 Majors Health and Safety Training


Leading supply chain company, Wincanton, approached us to make some innovative 360VR training for them around the three situations that they have identified as the key risk areas in depots and during deliveries.

The courses will be delivered throughout the business on a range of different devices from headsets (using screen-casting for a shared experience) and mobiles to desktops.

NHS Leicester -
Stroke VR Simulation

360VR designed for mobiles

The SIM centre and Stroke team at University Hospital Leicester NHS Trust asked us to create an interactive filmed 360VR, showing the protocols and treatment for stroke patients arriving via A&E.

The course is designed for medical students. The Stroke team play themselves going through exactly the same protocols as they would in a real life admission.

Learning impact award 2021 finalist
Brandon Hall Group Gold Award
Learn X Platinum Award for Best extended reality (XR) Training project - integrated training (VR + online)

Mobile video and 360VR

To fulfil the client’s brief to engage 1,800 international in-store sales staff in vital health, safety and security information we created a series of short films. Some were linear, some interactive, and one was an innovative interactive 360VR module.


All elements were shot on location in their London flagship store to create learning that their staff would recognise and relate to. Designed specifically for mobile, the course resulted in a 55% reduction in losses from shoplifting and a corresponding 400% ROI.

Donning & Doffing
PPE in Care Settings

7 minutes - 4 short films

These films are designed to show, in detail, the correct procedure for donning and doffing PPE in care settings to prevent the transmission of infection.


Working with people who have or are suspected to have Covid-19 in a care setting requires the use of extensive PPE put on (donned), worn and taken off (doffed) in the correct manner to ensure that the virus is not spread between individuals.


CSM Fashion Show

1 minute - first hotspot appears in 20 seconds


An interactive sample of our work for Central Saint Martins showcasing our high production values and the use of visible hotspots. Moving hotspots track the models as they walk down the catwalk - an interview with the designer talking about the inspiration for their design is revealed with a simple click.


This example generated tens of thousands of views worldwide as the extra information engaged and intrigued viewers. Data generated from the hotspots reveals what the viewers found most interesting and helps to plan further engaging content.

TFL Night Driving

5 minutes - first hidden hotspot after a countdown at 1 minute 45 seconds


This interactive driving scene was filmed live in West London between Acton and Earls Court. The viewer is challenged to spot the many real hazards encountered along the way - this is as close to driving on the road as you can get and shows how well interactive film can work to bring training to life. See how well you do finding the hazards on this night time drive. The course features moving and static hidden hotspots, gamification, pass rates and penalties for random clicking.


Morrisroe Hearing Loss and Prevention

1 minute - first hotspot 16 seconds


Filmed on site this clip uses visible hotspots to explore elements of hearing loss and protection in the construction industry. Part of a contractor induction course that includes 24 short linear and interactive films that was delivered in classrooms and via an app. Morrisroe have successfully inducted over 100 contractors to date using this course.

Highlight Reel of Interactive Film Examples

1 minute - first hotspot 6 seconds


A selection of some of our best examples of interactive film. Produced for TFL, BT, Arjo Wiggins and including a modern day version of Twelfth Night, these clips illustrate the versatility of our technique. Experts give credibility to the pop up solution footage and voiceovers aid the viewers' understanding.


Twelfth Night

1 minute - first hotspot within 10 seconds

This short scene illustrates superbly how interactive video can explain a complex subject. Comments and explanations from Shakespeare scholars and actors demystify the scene, the language and illuminate the actors’ approaches. An excellent illustration of Edtech self-directed by the viewer.

Command of the Oceans 360VR

10 minutes - jump between museum rooms to learn more


A 360° tour of the new Stirling Prize listed building at Chatham Historical Dockyard. Featuring interviews with the architect Alan Mitchell of Baynes and Mitchell, the director of the museum and the structural engineer who made it all happen. Teleporting allows the viewer to explore the rooms that make up the exhibition.


Opportunistic Theft 360VR

5 minutes -  5 mistakes to find and click


A challenging 360 task to explore. Can you find all of the things that make it easy for opportunistic thieves to steal from your store? Learn the lessons and then check your own shop for similar mistakes.

Morrisroe Induction 360VR

8 minutes - a choice of 3 activities


An absorbing, realistic induction demo for a construction site in London. Viewers can interact with on-screen questions, experience the site vehicles at close quarters and see the workers as they move around. Viewers learn from the augmented footage as they listen and interact with the visible hotspots that contain pertinent information about site safety.


Toyota Showroom 360VR

5 minutes -  visible hotspots immediately


Made to be seen at its best through a VR headset or Google Cardboard, this interactive tour of a Toyota showroom features teleporting from location to location and in-depth views of the cars and their individual features. It also features a virtual brochure accessed via a poster and a quiz about the history of the Toyota brand.

South Wales Fire & Rescue Training Exercise 360VR

10 minutes - first interaction after 30 seconds intro


A particularly rich application of film based VR specifically designed to be viewed on a headset or smartphone with Google cardboard. The viewer can interact with filmed images of people, objects and the environment. Features include on-screen augments and question sets, scoring, a home button, expert testimonies and action shots captured on GoPros worn by the team as they work on the rescue.