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We are a full-service digital learning and film production team. We like to shoot in clients’ own workplaces* because showing reality is one of the things film does best – in the first couple of frames you know where you are – no further explanation needed.

Innovation and ideas drive our output. Interactivity and gameplay help us to engage and motivate your learners. We use techniques such as leaderboards, badges, branching scenarios, quizzes, hotspots and more to encourage people to keep learning and give them a sense of achievement as they do so.

With more than 20 years' experience in this rapidly evolving industry and many successful projects and awards to show for our work, we can help you create the training you want now.


* studio shoots are well within our scope too

We absolutely consider this overall approach as something we will repeat in the future anytime we will need to deliver on a global scale an important message.

Francesco Fassio, WW Retail Facility Manager, Fendi

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