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Health Education England - Escalating Concerns & Speaking Up


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Health Education England -
Escalating Concerns & Speaking Up


Health Education England asked us to create a rich and innovative course as part of their Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) programme to immerse their learners in the first, unaccompanied shift of Dr Lucy Jones as she returns to work after a significant absence.


By following Lucy as she manages patients (and their relatives), and colleagues across a number of disciplines and a medical emergency, we see how she uses proven communication techniques to make herself heard, to raise concerns and to regain her confidence. 



This project was so much fun to be part of, and the Video Interact team worked tirelessly to make sure every element was right. As a doctor who has recently returned to work after a prolonged time away, I also found the resource incredibly valuable, in both developing my skills and helping me to feel really supported.

Dr. Michelle Keane, HEE National Clinical Fellow for Supported return to training



10 minutes - experience two of the simulations


The course contains many expert voices who comment on the action and give valuable guidance to learners, there are quizzes, challenges and pauses for reflection. By completing this course learners should be able to build their own confidence, learn a technique to help them raise concerns and feel that they can rise to the inevitable challenges of a return to work. You can try a short extract for yourself here:



I feel privileged to have been involved in this collaborative team project and proud of the finished work which forms a comprehensive resource relevant to anyone returning to healthcare &/or concerned about the challenges in speaking up.

Andy Buttery, HEE KSS Simulation & Human Factors Project Lead


Watch how it works - 1 mins


NHS Professionals after engaging with the 360 VR resource in research conducted by Health Education England said:

  • I think it was an excellent resource.

  • It's really, really convenient.

  • Now I think I'm more confident not to be confident.

  • I found the continued interactivity really helpful, and I really liked it.

  • One excellent resource.

  • Definitely more interactive and we could do it at our own pace.

  • The virtual learning environment is fantastic.


What we can do for you

This type of immersive course can be replicated for other specialities and other workplaces.


It’s absorbing, realistic, informative, challenging and accessible. It costs far less than computer graphics based VR and can be produced in a matter of days rather than months.


When we film on your site for one day, we can create either a comprehensive course like the one we produced here or shorter courses, depending on what you need.


Our unique 360VR package comprises scripting and planning, one day filming on site, post production and editing, the CenarioVR build and software support. 


The courses we produce with you will reflect your best practice translated into a complete and immersive VR experience.


We can produce 360VR courses for you - in weeks, rather than months at a fraction of the price of other VR.


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