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Fendi - Health, Safety and Security


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Fendi - Health, Safety and Security

Mobile video and 360VR

As you can see this mobile course created for Italian fashion house Fendi won a number of learning awards in 2021, and it really did make an astonishing difference to the incidence of in-store theft – it dropped by 55%!

Francesco Fassio, WW Retail Facility Manager at Fendi who commissioned Video Interact, says,

“the value, to the stores for the items that we avoid being stolen ….had a 400% Return On Investment on the training cost”.


This ROI is for the production, translation into multiple languages and worldwide deployment of all 9 modules in the course.

Learning impact 2021 finalist
Brandon Hall Group Gold Award
Learn X Platinum Award for Best extended reality (XR) Training project - integrated training (VR + online)


return on investment


reduction in shoplifting




international students


To fulfil Fendi’s brief to engage 1,800 international in-store sales staff in vital health, safety and security information we created a series of short films designed specifically to be accessed via their company mobiles.


All elements were shot on location in their London flagship store to create learning that they would recognise and relate to. Some of the films were linear, some interactive, and one was an innovative interactive 360VR module. 


As well as being extremely effective the course was popular with the staff, reaching 80% of its target audience within 6 months of launch (the highest number possible given the often-transient nature of the staff).


So this course is innovative, well liked, effective, beautiful, quick to produce, paid for itself 4 times over in its first 6 months – what’s not to like?

The final word goes to Francesco:

“I definitely recommend it to whoever.. needs this kind of training for the staff”

Fendi - Health, Safety and Security


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