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NHS Leicester - Stroke VR Simulation


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NHS Leicester -
Stroke VR Simulation

360VR designed for mobiles

The SIM centre and Stroke team at University Hospital Leicester NHS Trust asked us to create an interactive filmed 360VR, showing the protocols and treatment for stroke patients arriving via A&E.

The Stroke team play themselves going through exactly the same protocols as they would in a real life admission.



As good as watching a sim session in person.

Malcolm Smith, Simulation Lead, Clinical Skills Unit



5 minutes - experience one of the simulations


Our job was to capture exactly the recommended steps for suspected stroke admissions in a combination of 360VR and linear film; and then to build the course in CenarioVR. You can try a short extract for yourself here:



1 hour 3 minutes


"Explore the use of interactive 360 Virtual Reality simulation for training on protocols for acute stroke patient hospital admission. Jatinder Minhas, consultant physician in an acute stroke team, and video director Laura Cade from Video Interact discuss how the video was planned, filmed and produced, and the rich, high-fidelity user experience. This is a great example of learning innovation generated because of the constraints on face-to-face training during the pandemic."


This stroke scenario learning is a perfect example of where clinical training is headed. You feel like you are in person; the course even triggers similar emotional responses to being in person - yet without the heavy costs and risks typically associated with in-person training.

John Blackmon, CTO of eLearning Brothers and Creator of CenarioVR


Watch how it works - 2 mins


We can give them the same model of learning so they can experience it. We can use reflection then to debrief them and get the essential learning points across.

Malcolm Smith, Simulation Lead, Clinical Skills Unit


As you can see, creating the course in 360VR gives that feeling of being in the midst of the action whether you are viewing on a headset, mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.


The course was filmed in a single day, edited in four days and built in CenarioVR in just five days – that's just two working weeks from camera roll to completion.


The other great thing about having a filmed VR resource is that it can be watched at any time, by anybody, as pre-session learning, post-session affirmation or simply checking what needs to be done.



1 year's worth of in-person training delivered in 1 day thanks to virtual reality .Congratulations to the University Hospitals of Leicester and to the NHS for continuing to play a pioneering role in healthcare innovation.

Jeremy Dalton, Immersive Technologies Leader, PwC


What we can do for you

This type of immersive course can be replicated for other specialities and other workplaces.


It’s absorbing, realistic, informative, challenging and accessible. It costs far less than computer graphics based VR and can be produced in a matter of days rather than months.


When we film on your site for one day, we can create either a comprehensive course like the one we produced here or shorter courses, depending on what you need.


Our unique 360VR package comprises scripting and planning, one day filming on site, post production and editing, the CenarioVR build and software support. 


The courses we produce with you will reflect your best practice translated into a complete and immersive VR experience.


We can produce 360VR courses for you - in weeks, rather than months at a fraction of the price of other VR.


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