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NHS Workforce Training and Education ICU deteriorating patient immersive journey


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NHS Workforce Training and Education ICU deteriorating patient immersive journey


A group of London teaching hospitals asked us to work with them to create an interactive
course in 360 film as part of the NHSE ICU qualification.


The narrative follows the patient’s treatment over 2 days as they deteriorate and the ICU team works to stabilise them. You are placed right in the middle of the action, watching the team work, listening as they discuss the patient and other aspects of ICU care and answering questions and quizzes as you progress through the course.



It was really interesting working out how we move from our learning objectives to the 360VR that would support students in achieving these. The Video Interact team were fantastically helpful in suggesting how to do this, and what would work well in this format.


Chris Hill, Critical Care Educator


Watch how it works - 1 min


20 minutes - experience Day 1 of the simulation


Your role is to learn from the approach of the expert, professional ICU team who play themselves.


You can try part of the course here.


What we can do for you

This type of immersive course can be replicated for other specialities and other workplaces.


It’s absorbing, realistic, informative, challenging and accessible. It costs far less than computer graphics based VR and can be produced in a matter of days rather than months.


When we film on your site for one day, we can create either a comprehensive course like the one we produced here or shorter courses, depending on what you need.


Our unique 360VR package comprises scripting and planning, one day filming on site, post production and editing, the CenarioVR build and software support. 


The courses we produce with you will reflect your best practice translated into a complete and immersive VR experience.


We can produce 360VR courses for you - in weeks, rather than months at a fraction of the price of other VR.


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